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Steven Dunne sent me to bed with lights  blazing .

If Val McDermid is the Queen of crime. Steven Dunne must be the King long

live the King


Please contact me when his next book hits the stores please don't take years

E v Cassani

South Africa



Up to page 90,as others have said where has Steven been hiding, hope he is working on another thriller.  If you like detectives of the English variety you must read The Reaper, am having difficulty putting it down.  Hope it sells a million

From David in Tasmania, Australia. 

Never thought Rebus would be surpassed! Read many crime novels this is my favourite.


D.I Brook –felt as though I knew him and he stays with you after finishing the book.


Shame about Cat.

Gritty. Realistic, cleverly written, fantastic plot, that keeps you hooked till the end, for want of better phrase unputdownable and sad to finish it.

Superlative piece of work Please hurry up and give us another one .

Ruth Fairgrieve

Sales Specialist

I'm a massive Rebus fan and every crime novel I read I always compare to the writing of Ian Rankin. Picked up The Reaper by chance when browsing in a bookshop in Cyprus of all places. Couldn't put the book down - the story gripped from start to finish and the character of DI Brook was so realistic you actually believed you knew the man personally. This is by far the most enjoyable, unputdownable crime thriller I've ever read and all future books will now have to be compared to this. Never thought I'd say this but Rebus has just been knocked into 2nd spot by a certain DI Brook!!


Brook must return and I'll be the 1st the the queue to read it when he does!!


Tony, Scotland


Picked this novel up purely by chance and did not regret it whatsoever.

Read "The Reaper" from cover to cover  - couldn't put it down.  Will recommend this to some friends of mine who like crime thrillers.  An excellent story with more twists and turns than a corkscrew - the last 50 pages were truly addictive

Hope that DI Damen Brook is going to come back in further novels with the same incisive and gritty realism.

Would potentially make a good program on TV aka "Prime Suspect" (or beter still a film ?).....:D........if the right script and the actor for the part of Damen could be found.  A book of this nature deserves the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to Steven Dunne and more power to your imagination - looking forward to the next novel of his - don't let it be 6 years for the wait though !

Colin Griggs

lin Griggs


I have just finished reading the Reaper.   It was excellent.  full of twists and turns, and false trails.  superb.


 It is so good to get another British writer publishing  crime/thrillers.  there are just not enough of them.  

cannot wait for the sequel, and so glad he did not pack in the job.


What I find so difficult to understand is why you had to self-publish.  

I sometimes wonder if publishers really know what the public want.    Still better late than never!

Good luck, and good writing.     

I.J. Campbell-Hoyle  Southport Lancs.



I was really impressed with this book; it's his first novel and hopefully not his last. Definitely on par with some of the best crime writers. I was gripped and found myself getting annoyed at having to go to work and leave the book at home! I did find the descriptions quite affecting and did feel depressed about the state of the world. It does have a sad ending but then again I think after such a good read I would have found it a cop out (no pun intended) to give the readers a "Hollywood" ending.


Mrs M Last (Amazon review)

I thought this book was brilliant, even more so as it was a 1st. Book. I had to keep reading to find out the end. It had an interesting twist at the finish which should lead into a sequel. I hope there will be other books.

This author should certainly be snapped up by publishers instead of some of the rubbish that is currently printed by them.

Well done.

Jean R (Nottingham)


Absolutely brilliant book. Lots more of the same please. 

Delma J (Derby)


I loved the Reaper story, the twists and turns, shocks and surprises

mounting throughout. I am certain this is not the last we will hear from DI

Damen Brook. Brilliantly plotted, expert, exciting and absorbing .....well


Tim W (Derby)


Bought this book as a random purchase from the author at Waterstones in

Burton-on-Trent to see what it was like. I found it an excellent read, a real page turner, and very enjoyable. 

Jim G (Burton on Trent)


I met Steve Dunne in Waterstones in Nottingham, while browsing the Crime section, where else! I have to say that, I'm sooooo glad I bought Reaper, a signed copy too. I thoroughly enjoyed every page!! One of the Best Murder Mystey books I have read. Very well written. Could hardly put it down!

I really hope there will be more from Steve & Inspector Brook,

Jackie B (Nottinghamshire)


Well, in all fairness, most of the superlatives I would have used already have been. All I can say – and even that has been said already – fingers crossed for another from Steve as soon as you can manage it please! It satisfied on every level, easily comparable with any of the crime writers currently in print, and those who aren’t. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and speak with a genuinely talented author, in such an informal manner, not only talented but (we thought) a really nice guy – shame he’s from Derby.

Richard B (Nottingham)



Great! The authors I favour are capable of bringing characters to life and somehow  project them in 3d on the flat page, this is vital to most readers as they get limited time to read for long periods so it is wonderful to pick up a book and get straight into it like hitting the "Pause" button on a video. Storyline was fast and ever changing with a gripping need to read on and intriguing amount of twists along the way.  


Alan T Burton-on-Trent



What can I say that has not been stated already? 

Picked up a copy of your book in Burton and had it signed with the promise I would love the book, (apologies for mistaking you for staff!) 

Promise fulfilled, am looking forward to future publications...Excellent! 


S Christie


"This is one of the best crime fiction books I have read in a long time.
 Brilliant and intricate plot, unfolding against the background of the
 main characters' biographies. Plenty of gore, the psychology of the mind of a killer, and the occasional appearance of a cat - perfect! An excellent first book, with many more to follow, I hope. Highly recommended, and thoroughly enjoyed."

Mrs B.M. Darlington


My brother and his wife sent me the Reaper as they know I'm an avid fan of detective novels and thrillers.


I love Patricia Cornwall, Kathy Reichs, Michael Connoly, Tess Gerison, Ian Rankin, Graham Hurley, Peter Robinson, Sue Grafton, Henning Mankell to name but a few and thriller writers such as Lee Childs, Robert Lulum, Paul Adams, Gerald Seymour etc etc!!


Both my husband and I rate the Reaper up there with the best we've ever read in this genre and are amazed that this is a self published first book. Everything about the Reaper suggests an experienced long established author who is a real craftsman in the crime writer arena. Neither of us could put it down.


We're looking forward to the next in the series! Please let us know when there is one and we'll buy it straight away as well as publicise it to our friends.


Chris G and Steve T




Have just read Reaper and wanted to let you know personally how much I
enjoyed it.

an avid readers of thrillers but only of certain authors, those who have interesting believable characters, are well written and intellectually stimulating. I particularly like PD James, Michael Connelly and Henning Mankell to name a few and have read all their novels. Your book is all of these things and in my opinion is amongst the best. I loved it ! You've obviously read Connelly yourself and I appreciated the Bosch reference via the painting!


I now need the next one so please get writing soon and please don't take 6 years!


Yvonne - Derby




I have very much enjoyed reading the Reaper. I met the author in Waterstones in Burton and received a signed copy. I was sceptical after reading the blurb on the back of the book. However it was a fantastic read that I didn't want to put down. I really felt that I knew Brook and that I was traveling his journey with him. I very much hope that there is another book and we get to see Brook again. Thanks





Dark and disturbing - a masterpiece. The best book I've read in ages.

Martin B - London


I have just read the Reaper and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perhaps we can look forward to a series in the vein of a Derby John Rebus.



David R - Derby




Finished the book last night.  Thoroughly enjoyed it - liked the ending and loved the use of the English language.  Is there another one to come????






I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It took me a few pages to get into, but once I did I couldn’t put it down!!  I read for pretty much the whole weekend and was really impressed with the twists in it.  I reckon it would make for a good film too!  It’s a real thought inducing book.  Can’t wait to read Steve’s next book!  Total admiration and respect for being able to fulfil a dream like that and get a book published!  I am telling all my friends about it and refusing to lend my copy – if they want it, they can buy it too!


I’ve never had a book signed for me either so that was an added bonus! Well done!



Warlingham, Surrey



"Intellectually and emotionally challenging. Utterly compelling”
Rob W - Derby


Its a great read and I only hope you have ideas for another in the
pipeline. I really enjoyed the depth of the characters and the twists and
I'll be keeping the book till your famous and I can make a fortune
on ebay with a signed addition.

I'll also be avoiding pizza deliveries from unmarked white vans.

Dan - Castle Donnington